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Basic information theory course that follows Cover+Thomas closely. Slides for each chapter highlighting some main results and definitions; write proofs on the slides or board yourself.
Information theory
Updated June 2024. The information theory course at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) uses Cover and Thomas as a starting point. While rigorous, content is not pursued at the same depth as C&T. I took the following directions in developing this course:A review of basic probability theory, Chebyshev inequality and law of large numbers is presented early.Short finite length codes are introduced as motivating examples before the main theorems: Huffman codes, repeat codes, rate-distortion codes, Slepian-Wolf, MAC channelMany numerical examples are intended to make students comfortable with abstract concepts. Self-study questions (SSQs) are an online-only course component (contact me if you are interested in this content)AEP is proved only for the single-variable ca..
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